Tips For a Hospitality and Restaurant Business Website

Whether you run a restaurant, espresso cafe, hotel, or inn, having a website is becoming an essential part of doing business in the 21st century. Think of a web page as a virtual storefront – another way for your potential customers to discover and interact with your business.

Where to get it

Probably your best bet is to hire a freelancer online. Freelancer’s websites such as,, and work like a community job board: post your job (“looking for a web designer to build a web site for our restaurant”), watch the bids roll in, pick somebody whose price is right and whom seems equal to the task, put the money up with the site, and collect your work. The average going rate for a custom site is anywhere form $200 to $1000 dollars.

If you decide to do the design yourself, most web hosting providers include some website building tools to get you started. You don’t need to be a ‘geek’ to get started with building a web page, as today’s tools are usually “what you see is what you get”. If you can use office software, you can build web pages. Many hosts also provide easy-to-use templates, which are like “skeleton pages” that you just drop in and fill with your content.

The only downside of doing it yourself is that good web design is a matter of artistic talent, not technical skill. It’s up to you to decide if you can bring this job home. Visit the websites of other businesses in your industry and compare – can you make it look that good? You can also just put up the basic framework of your site, then hire freelancers for smaller jobs like adding graphics artwork. A common strategy is also to toss out the basic site content without decoration, then hire a designer to go over it and spruce it up.


When picking a web host provider, your needs will be very basic. Since the front page for your hospitality business won’t need nearly the bandwidth that a ‘big name’ website will have, you can usually pick the cheapest package with no problem. Web space today is so cheap, it’s almost free; packages are out there for as little as $5.00 / month with an annual domain registration fee of $15.00 or so. Compared to newspaper ads and even Yellow Pages advertising, a web site will be the most economical publicity for your business you ever had.


At the very least, your business website should have the following features:

– Locations and hours. The easier it is to find this information, the less your staff will have to answer that question over the phone.

– A way to make reservations. The reservations registry process should be simple to use, and all on one page. Whether booking a table, a room, or a dance hall, the process should be consistent and convenient.

– If you have any kind of delivery service, by all means set the site up to take orders over the Internet. Internet users love being able to summon a pizza delivery right from their computer.

– Information about what your business provides. Describe your menu, your suites, your services offered, and so on. If you’re thinking of it like a magazine ad or brochure, you’re thinking in the right track.

– Images! At the very least, have a few pictures of your most sumptuous meal offerings or your ambassador suites at their best-looking. The web is a visual medium, so having pictures of the best you have to offer is crucial. Hire a professional photographer and schedule a day for this event; spare no expense.

– “About us”… most hospitality sites have a separate page detailing the business’ commitment to quality, excellence of service, awards won, testimonials from customers, rave reviews from critics, etc.


Because a service business in expected to have a little flash to dress it up, you can go a little further with the graphics than what you would normally find on a web page. By all means have everything look as good as possible. Your page should be harmonious with your business’s style and motif.

However, avoid the temptation to post a Flash animation as your website’s entry page. Flash animations take time and processing to download, and a guest who’s been here three times and just wants to quickly reserve a room wants to get on with the transaction. Flash movies are certainly impressive, but at the most they should be small side items on your business’s front page. Also, make sure that the Flash animation doesn’t start automatically, make it so the user can start it at will with a click or mouse-over.

When we say you can go a little further with design spice than the average page, we mean tasteful and not gaudy. Avoid too much dark color, which will make the pages difficult to read. Avoid too much white space, which will make the page seem too plain. The text any any given page should be descriptive of your services, but not go on at a legth greater than what you would find on a single page of a news magazine. You should be able to scan the whole site in about 20 minutes.

Don’t Risk Your Restaurant Business Website With Amateurs

When it comes to marketing, picking up the right vendor for your website, is most important. Incidentally, there is a lot of noise for the website marketing services for small to medium businesses. This makes an ideal ground for amateurs to play with real business without realizing that people’s livelihood depend upon it. Nowadays, the barrier to enter and become a website developer is low, but that is actually a myth. Anyone and everyone with limited knowledge, of how to put together a HTML page with bunch of pictures and bit of animation, call themselves a service provider.

Even a nice looking website, created by a non-technical person, can be fundamentally flawed i.e., lacking Search Engine findability, best HTML Standards for mobile devices and multiple browser compatibility. The restaurant is a tough business, and the operators have their hands full, and the last thing they have time to spend on is, learning ability to differentiate between “well done, well optimized, sales generating” and “poorly done, barely performing, non-findable website”.

Getting your website developed with an amateur or less experienced developer may result into-poorly designed and hard to navigate sites on different browsers and mobile platform. Making a website to work optimally on different browsers e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and various mobile devices e.g., iPhone, Android Phone and others, requires vendor who understand technology and your need. The broken websites do injustice to brand, and may not truly service your existing customers, leave aside getting you new customers.

Sometimes simple yet critical aspects, such as renewal of domain, email or hosting plan, if not done in timely manner, can lead to bigger issues. You are doing a disfavor to your business by letting an amateur do your website work. The small perceived savings with Amateurs would be truly a loss for the business, when all the pros and cons are reviewed.

Choose a vendor who is specialized (expert) in restaurant business vertical. One who can understand your business need better. And finally it may turn out to be cheaper and faster than non-specialized service providers. The vendor must understand the difference between express, self-service, full-service and multiple-locations business. Sometimes website contents need to be in multiple language. Lastly, once a visitor is on the website, monetized it by offering call to action i.e., Order Food Online or Gift Certificate.

Elephant Bar in Burlingame, Restaurant Review

I know there are many Elephant Bar restaurants in California. According to their website, they have restaurants in Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. My wife and I know at least three Elephant Bars that we occasionally visit in our area. The closest to our house is in Hayward. It is on Hesperian Boulevard in the Southland shopping mall. This is the one we eat at most. The other one is on the other side of San Francisco Bay. It is in Daly City, in the Serramonte shopping mall. Since the shopping mall is our favorite, my wife and I eat lunch or dinner whenever we happen to be there. The third one is one in Burlingame. Burlingame is the place where I first lived when I arrived in the San Francisco Bay area. It was the first Elephant Bar restaurant that I dined at.

When I was living in Burlingame and working in the office in Brisbane, I used to lunch or dine in this restaurant at least once a week. This Burlingame Elephant Bar is uniquely located. It is on the Old Bayshore Highway, running to the San Francisco International Airport. The restaurant building is facing San Francisco Bay. Park your car and walk into the restaurant. Although the lighting inside is indirect and relatively dim, the inside of the restaurant is bright during the daytime as the Californian sun shines into the dining area from the bay.

Elephant Bar is a fusion-style cuisine restaurant. They have ethnic style dishes, mostly originating from South East Asian countries, China, or Japan. They have a great variety of salad or vegetable-based dishes. My favorite is Caesar salad. My wife always takes the salad combination with fruit and crab meat. The fruit that comes with the salad varies, such as pineapples, apples, or pears. My favorite appetizer is the salmon tempura roll. My wife’s selection is always the Vietnamese shrimp spring roll. They serve fabulous steak sandwiches. Their variations of fish are excellent, including salmon steak, ahi tuna, or rainbow trout.

We like the restaurant’s selections for the lunch and dinner menus. However, there is one thing that this Burlingame Elephant Bar has that no other one does. It is the view of the San Francisco Bay. From almost all of the tables and booths, customers enjoy the view over the ocean of the San Francisco Bay during a sunny lunch time. The blue sky of Northern California is a great and relaxing view. Since the restaurant is close to the airport, customers can also enjoy the world famous parallel landing to San Francisco International Airport.

Where to List Your Restaurant’s Website Online

Promoting your restaurant’s website is an ongoing process, but if done correctly it will improve your online visibility and lead to more traffic. There are many ways for a restaurant to promote its website such as paid ad placement, link exchanges and social bookmarking.

One of the most simple and inexpensive methods is through listing in online directories. If you’re an established restaurant, chances are your name and address are listed in most yellowpages directory websites. However, those sites may not include your website’s url and may have outdated information. It is critical that restaurant owners regularly check these directories to make sure their information is accurate.

In addition, your website should be listed in major online local business directories, valuable sites that are jammed with potential customers. The following directories allow you to list your restaurant for free. You simply submit your URL and verify your information. To create listings for all of the sites in this article should take less than a couple of hours, but it’s a critical task in maintaining a popular and successful restaurant website.

Citysearch. Citysearch is comprised of local online guides with information on entertainment, shopping, dining, hotels and more.

Insider Pages Local business reviews for about 30 U.S. cities.

Judy’s Book In addition to business listings, Judy’s Book provides information on deals and discounts. Another directory of local businesses, products and services.

The Open Directory Project When you submit your site here, it will be accessible both through the Open Directory Project site, as well as Google Directory Search. aggregates local news and conversations as well as business listings.

Yahoo Local Yahoo Local provides information on businesses and services in local areas.

Yelp Add your restaurant listing to the popular business review and social networking site.

In addition to these general online directories, restaurants can take advantage of additional opportunities to promote their websites. For example, many states have directories such as the New Jersey Dining Guide ( Cities, towns and metro areas also typically have their own restaurant directories. [see Seattle Dining ( as an example.] There are global directories for many cuisines and types of food such as Chinese (, Thai and vegetarian. Getting even more granular, you can find directories of individual dishes such as pho at PhoFever ( Some additional places to list your restaurant’s website include both city and county chambers of commerce, local newspaper dining guides and state and local restaurant association websites.

Remember, your restaurant listing may not jump to the top of search results overnight. However, maintaining accurate online directory listings is an important task in growing your restaurant’s online presence.

How to Write a Restaurant Review and Earn Money

There can be nothing more fascinating than writing a review for a restaurant. In fact, you will only feel like writing a review when you have found something very amazing about its ambience and the food. You will also be able to relive those great moments by writing the review with lingering taste of the dishes you savored. You may also be earning good money out of writing a review.

There are certain basics that you should not forget while writing a restaurant review. For instance, the exact title of the restaurant, its address, contact details complete with a link to its website. After all, you wish to reciprocate their hospitality in your own way.

While describing the ambience, take a few steps back. A good restaurant is recognized by its locale. Describe it in few words. All restaurants make their entrance point very attractive. Describe the light, shade, the entrance door and the demeanor of the guard keeping the door. These small things bring confidence in the mind of the reader.

The details of the menu should be given in a manner that the reader thinks that he is sitting in the restaurant and scrutinizing the menu himself. Give the entire range of entrée choice together with whether the menu is a specialty joint or assorted. Sometimes some drinks are specialty.

The service is of utmost importance. The way the patrons and the servers treated you is worth mentioning together with their attendance during your stay at the restaurant. The time taken to serve a normal menu item and in serving something you specially mentioned with slight alteration is worth noting.

Your vocabulary to describe the quality of the appetizer, starter, main dishes and the dessert should be professional. If you are poorer in this respect then refer to some hosted review in the internet to enlighten yourself. Be specific and truthful. The reader is critically going through the review.

The review should now be written down in the space provided on the website of the restaurant. Each time the review is viewed, an advertisement is served and you earn points, which would convert into money after a specified period. You may earn $200 to $300 in a month’s time from writing a single review.

Finding a Remodeling Contractor: Start With the 3 Best Review Websites

A major home renovation project can be a dream come true or a nightmare that costs you more money than you planned. The contractor you decide to use will determine whether you have a great experience or lose a lot of money. A remodeling contractor is a company who can design, estimate, schedule & manage all the details of a complicated remodeling project.

The state of Illinois does not require general contractors to be licensed, bonded or insured. Because of this many homeowners find it difficult weeding out the honest-reliable professionals from the fly-by-night companies.

One of the highest number of complaints filed with the Illinois attorney general’s office is against contractors. In other words, a high number of people end up very unhappy with the contractors they hire. There are many things that can go wrong — from poor quality of workmanship, to not even finishing the project and disappearing with your money. Sometimes the problems are not as obvious, such as a contractor using poor quality materials or neglecting to pull the correct permits and not building with-in local building codes, both of which can hurt or even prevent you from selling your home down the road. However, there are also plenty of honest, qualified, reliable, contractors in your town. As a homeowner about to undertake a remodeling project, it’s up to you to find one of the good ones. Online review sites have become the leading way for homeowners to reduce the possibility of hiring the wrong remodeling company.

The 3 Best Review Websites to Find a Remodeling Contractor

1. Angie’s List

Angie’s List evaluates companies using a scale similar to a report card, with grades from A to F. Each company is rated by the following criteria: punctuality, quality, price, responsiveness, and professionalism. What makes this site unique to the others on this list is that it requires a monthly fee for membership. By requiring an email address, home address and membership fee, this helps to reduce the amount of fake reviews.

2. Yelp

Yelp grades companies based on a one to five star rating system. It has primarily been used for reviewing retail locations and restaurants, but recently has become a more active site for reviewing contractors. Yelp is known for their proprietary algorithm that was developed to battle fake reviews. It evaluates whether a review is authentic and filters out reviews that it believes are not based on an actual personal experience with the business. Filtered reviews are moved into a separate area and not counted towards the businesses’ star-rating.

3. Houzz

Although Houzz is mostly known for its millions of images of residential interior design & remodeling, it also is a great source to find reviews on local remodeling businesses. Similar to Yelp, it uses a one to five star rating system. What makes Houzz different is that you will not only find reviews from homeowners, but you will also find peer to peer reviews. This will help you get a sense of how the company is viewed by other businesses in the construction industry.

The Others

There are many review websites across the internet, all trying to provide the same thing. Here are few of the others and why they didn’t make our list.

The Better Business Bureau (or BBB) has been around for a long time. But because it only looks for the really bad contractors and scam artists, this it is not a reliable source to understand the good and bad of each contractor. I have heard they are trying to become more like the others on this list; my feeling is that they are late to the game.

Google review is powered by the number one search engine which helps it get more reviews. But I find that the others on the list above do a better job at it.

Facebook for business has an option for homeowners to write reviews as well. But like the BBB, unless the contractor is really bad, I find it less likely for a homeowner to leave a negative review. Because of this, you don’t get a healthy mix of negative and positive reviews.

Here are my 10 best practices in reading online reviews:

Lean towards companies that have received a lot of reviews. The more reviews, the more likely they are not fake.

Likewise, be more careful with companies that have only one or two reviews.

If you can’t find a review for a company, don’t hire them. An established-reputable company will have past clients that want to leave online reviews.

Look for specific people or processes that helped make the contractor so great. When you meet with the contractor ask them about the specific people or process. Make sure they can elaborate.

Look for a common theme to all the reviews. If a number of reviewers offer the same opinion about a quality of the company, this gives the opinion more validity.

Some review sites have the option to add photos of the project. If a reviewer takes the time to do this, it will give the review more validity as well.

Pay more attention to reviews that compare a contractor to another one they have used in the past. Comparative reviews indicate that the reviewer likely has more experience and can be more relied upon.

When you see a bad review, look for how the contractor responded to the negative feedback. This is a great example of how the contractor will respond to your criticism in person. Were they apologetic to the client, did they have harsh words or did they even respond?

Yelp’s filter commonly removes legitimate reviews, especially for remodeling contractors, so I strongly recommend clicking the “not currently recommended” link at the bottom of the page. I think this will be eye opening for you… good or bad.

You will find mostly positive reviews on Houzz, so look at these reviews more based on quantity of reviews, rather than quality of negative and positive.

Writing Restaurant Reviews – Guidelines to Make Your Reviews More Informative

Writing informative and objective restaurant reviews can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for or how to structure the review. While everyone has their own level of ambition and knowledge the following guidelines will provide you with a solid base to write informative reviews which are useful to your readers. However, these guidelines can easily be modified for any kind of service or experience and equally well for any other type of media.

Anyway, the guidelines: Keep it centered on the food – Describe it with detail, use adjectives, mention the dishes original name but explain them if it isn’t obvious what they are. Other details to note:

Surroundings – Location, view from window, neighborhood
Atmosphere – Interior design, décor, cleanliness, other guests, sound volume, mood
Menu – Menu and Wine list contents broadly described
Service – Speed, presentation and demeanor
Exclusives – What makes this restaurant stand out
Make notes – Mental or in a notebook, if possible take pictures
No novels – don’t work in yourself in the story, keep it factual and unbiased
Don’t go too hard on failures – think of the possible reasons for the failure, is it just an “off” night
Ask for information – make the staff tell you about the establishment, the food, the menu and so on
Sample the courses – If you can’t sample the whole menu, try to sample a few dishes at least with the help of your friends
Extras – You can nick (or ask for) press material, menus and so on to use as reference later, this is also often found on the restaurants website if they have one

And don’t forget to keep it personal! The review should reflect your experience there, it might sound counter-intuitive to keep it factual, unbiased and personal at the same time, however it really isn’t. What it means is that although the dinner might be a part of a big night out or some kind of celebration that you want to write about, those things should not be the backbone of the review even if they might be mentioned. The review is about the establishment, not you.

To illustrate my point I’ll finish with an example, an review of the Beirut Cafe in Stockholm. Although my knowledge of Lebanese food is not the best it serves as a good example for a nicely structured review of the compact type:

First off, Beirut Cafe is very popular so book your table in advance. My party showed up a Tuesday at 7pm and it was jammed! The host was very helpful and eventually managed to seat us in the lounge area. The locations is a little bit off, it’s not that it’s very far from the central parts of Stockholm, it’s just that there’s nothing else that way except fancy residences. There’s a mixed clientele although there’s mostly groups probably having some kind of after-work get together.

They have a wide array of mezes with a very good overall quality. The Kras Nana and Sojok stands out as the best mezes. The minced meat beef with mint and lemon (Kras Nana) is perfectly balanced and the lamb sausage with vegetables (Sojok) is without competition the hottest dish with the most punch served (in our selection at least). Most of the other ones just beautifully complement each other without taking over the show. The only thing not quite up on par with the rest was the Sojok bel baid (lamb sausage omelet), it was a little bit soggy and bland, maybe because I only sampled that one towards the end of our sitting.

The wine list is rather limited although they have an impressive selection of the Lebanese producer Chateau Musars champagne from 1956 and forward. A Merlot (Santa Helena Vernus Blend) and two red wines from Chateu Musar are available by the glass, the Merlot is fairly average while the least expensive of the Chateu Musars (can’t remember the name though) is very good, full of life without too much tannin and great value for the money.

I cannot stress how good atmosphere they have created, the interior design is just fabulous and never fails in any detail, the music is clear but never intruding, the service is very swift but at no point rushed and the service staff is helpful and friendly.

Beirut Cafe is an establishment of international class that’s truly one of the highlights in Stockholm.

Google To Provide Restaurant Reviews – The Beginning Of The End For Google Place Listings?

For those people whose business is search engine optimisation they constantly watch the results that Google shows. Go to any Page 1 of Google and chances are you will see three pay-per-click ads at the top and a few more along the right hand side. You will see keyword related URLs with either dot com, dot net or dot org. You will see results from LinkedIn, EzineArticles, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube primarily amongst others.

When a person does a search for a business or service at a location you will see seven ‘Google Places’ highlighted. Sometimes there will be pay-per-click ads above them. Since they changed how business ads display in Google Places, sites like Yelp, Yellowpages, review sites and other directory sites have been moved down below the seven Google Place listings. On mobile, these Place listings can appear differently and under a map of he area.

Businesses claim and verify their Place listing and with reviews, citations, videos, photos and regular content within these listings, they can secure a high position when people do searches for keywords around them that include locations

Google being ‘Big Daddy’ can dictate how searches display. Whilst one has to applaud this new way that businesses appear and are given preference over directory and review sites, a new development could change all of this in the future.

In a recent eBook Google released they talk about consumers shopping habits and pointed out that the ‘first moment of truth’ was when a person is in a shop looking at products and thinks about what product to buy. Google then informed us that a new way of shopping is occurring which they phrase the ‘zero moment or truth’ and they tell us people now pre-shop or look at reviews of products before they go shopping and as they are shopping. People typically type in ‘review of……’

What is the significance of this?

Google has announced the purchase of Zagat, a company that provides content or more specifically provides reviews of restaurants. Is this the start of other acquisitions of similar niche review websites?

Mobile marketing is huge and will be the dominant way advertisers will advertise in the future. Everybody has a mobile phone and more and more people are looking at websites on their hand-held device. It is predicted that by mid 2012 more people will be looking at websites on their mobile phones rather than on PCs (yet most companies still do not have their websites adapted to display correctly on all mobile devices!)

So, going back to Google’s ‘zero moment of truth’, is the Google plan to exhibit the websites they own at the very top of local business searches, ahead of Google Place search results? Should Google be allowed take over review content sites like this because they have the power to place their review companies for each niche at the top of results? It will be interesting to see will there be similar acquisitions soon, then we will know if we are seeing the beginning of the end of Google Place listings.

Marketing To Single, Affluent Women – Traditional NYC-Style Restaurant Reviews Don’t Cut It

Common for men, uncommon for women, now more than ever, more women are venturing out on their own void of the traditional packs of women or only with a date. The Baby Boomer & Gen X women who are 35 and over have hit their stride and are more independent and affluent than any generation of women ever has been. They’re not going to the bars for ladies nights anymore either. They have the inclination, the attitude, and the moxy to go it alone to fine dining venues, and won’t let being alone stop them from enjoying life. Affluent, well-educated single women have become a demographic group that more and more restaurant owners are trying to attract as their spending habits are as much for clothing and cars as for sushi, steak and fine liquor.

The concept

While men have never been adverse to venturing out alone, women have traditionally waited for Room Service if traveling, taken a quiet table in some off beat spot, grabbed a quick bite, waited for their girlfriends, or just didn’t go out. Until recently, many restaurants conveyed almost a sense of pity when a single woman walked in the door. Other establishments have had an almost sense of astonishment at the lady’s bravery. Now, many are offering welcoming atmospheres, communal tables, and letting women know the best nights to visit their engaging establishments, not just to dine on fine entrees, but to relax and meet people.

Until recently, most fine dining or restaurant reviews have been tailored more for where to go with a date or business associate than on the concept of going there as a single. They talk only about the food and little about the atmosphere. These reviews often use the puffery and stuffy references to things such as the aged quality of the steak or the pizzazz of a sauce. Sure, this is very important to a foody, but for affluent single women, most want to know more about the crowd, the friendliness and comfort level of the setting.

The other review category is for bars or nightclubs, which rarely talk about the food but the party that starts late in the evening for a much younger audience. As a larger segment of our population grows older, there’s been a need to cover the blurring of activity that constitutes engaging dining and socializing, and to bridge the gap between the standard restaurant review and that of a nightclub review. In other words, if it is fun to go to a certain establishment, and if so, the specific nights that are most active for singles. Many restaurants have a night that’s often livelier than others where singles feel more welcome than being stuck in a small corner table all alone albeit for a magazine, or worse yet for a woman on business, to order room service due to being alone.

The solutions

To address the gap between restaurant review and bar review, new sources of information are cropping up. Several websites have sections for “single friendly” establishments, lounges, and are designed to specifically target the best restaurants on the best nights of the week. Other regional sites have cropped up as part of traditional newspaper and magazine sites, but it can be hard to really ferret out the information and get “in the know” so to say. If you were to call a restaurant, most will say every night is good in order to get patrons, but we know this just isn’t the case. For a single woman venturing out on your own, nothing is worse than to decide to go out to a fine dining venue and find 40 tables of couples squirreled away quietly talking. Then, to find out from the bartender that last night was the hot night.

At a recent women’s networking function held recently at a Ruth Chris’s on Long Island, one of these sites, ElleEatist got an overwhelming “Finally! What a great idea!” After this one rather small event attended by just 20 women, the site received a spike of interest with several hundred hits alone that night due to pass along readership. It seems that they’ve been waiting for this for several reasons – the site identifies places to go when they travel on business; with precious little free time, they want to know where to go to socialize & when; and lastly, several said it’s a great resource for where to go for first dates or meetings. The sites traffic picks up as the weekend gets closer.

Article Writing Tips – How To Write a Professional Restaurant Review

If you have writing skills and you are looking for a way in which you can expand your writing skills to give you another avenue in which you can earn more money, you might want to consider adding restaurant reviews to your writing resume. There probably isn’t a single person that doesn’t like to eat and there are many different publications that would be more than willing to pay some good money for a good professional review on a restaurant. If you think this is something that you might want to start doing, read further to find out how to write a good professional review on a restaurant.

The first rule of thumb is that when you pick a restaurant that you want to review, you should go to it at least two times before you consider writing the review. You might want to first try during the week and then again on a weekend. This will give you different viewpoints with regards to the atmosphere and the service quality during different times of the week. You also will want to try and make sure your visits will cover both the lunch and dinner menus so you can have a better feel for the food and quality of the food.

When you are at the restaurant make sure to take note of the atmosphere, the decoration and the level of the service that you get from all the employees that you have contact with. This means from the host or hostess to the manager if you happen to come in contact with them.

You also need to make sure that you take not of the customers as well. This will give you an idea of where the clients might come from. It will help you see if the restaurant seems to draw families, tourists, seniors, college crowd, etc. You can also figure out what the average dress code seems to be as well.

When it’s time to order make sure that you try your best to order one thing from each course, if at all possible. In other words, try an item from the appetizer menu all the way through to an item from their dessert menu. This will give you a broader experience of what they have to offer and will make your review a lot more complete. Also when you are looking at the menu see if they happen to have a website. If they do, you can use this later as further research for your review.

When you are eating the food make sure that you concentrate on the different textures of the food, the different flavors and how the food is presented on the plates. The most important part of your review is the food itself and it’s quality.

As soon as you get home you should begin to write the review. If you do it as soon as you can it will make it easier for you to be able to remember all of the things you observed while you were dining. The fresher it is in your mind the far better review you will be able to write.

You should try and organize your review into different categories. Those categories should include at least the following:

Service quality
Food quality
Type of customers
Type of dress code

When you have finished that you should write 50 to 100 words for any of the categories that you actually reviewed while at the restaurant. Probably the best way for you to make sure that it flows well is to write it as if you were sitting down and talking to a friend and letting them know how the dining experience was. When you are writing your review remember that the readers want an honest review and one that is easy for them to understand.

Note: When you do a review make sure that you don’t tell anyone who is working there. This could change the entire way in which the service is delivered and this could taint your review.